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What is your main goal at PracticeFloor?

  • certificate Business
    Law of Torts
    Certificate Course - Law of Tort
  • certificate Business
    Fundamental Rights
    Certificate Course - Fundamental Rights
  • certificate Business
    Natural Justice
    Certificate Course - Natural Justice
  • certificate Business
    Contracts in India
    Certificate Course - Contracts in India
  • certificate Business
    Provisions for Woman
    Certificate Course - Provisions for Woman
  • certificate Business
    NI Act 1881
    Certificate Course - NI Act 1881
Why to choose us where other coaching are available ?
We are happy you asked that as it gave us opportunity to introduce our qualities. The most important thing is way of teaching and student centic approach which makes us a game changer. After all you are not going to have your time back so don't waste it with some hit and trails, just simply go for the best.
Can i have some option of attending the classes online?
Absolutely, We have collaborated with Proctur: Your pocket classroom! to povide Learning Management System to us. And its one of the best in class solution available for online classes. Being most user-friendly and with hundreds of features you can have way more option than you used to have in your traditional offline classes.
Do you also provide online exams and mock tests for practice ?
Yes, Using the same LMS we have created online exams and mock test for your practice. We even conduct quizes for the students so that they can check their progress and compare it with others.
How you are going to share study material with us in online mode ?
Obviously we also have feature of sharing study material in the LMS. We'll share the study materials in multiple formats which will be accessible in student's application. Even we have the feature of assignments in the LMS.
Do you also provide live classes for students ?
We understand that live class is the most important and required aspect of online classes and its the only way of interaction between students and teachers resembling offline classes. So we also provide a feature of Live classes using multiple options.
What if i've missed some live classes ?
No issue as recording of live classes will also be available on our LMS after some time. So you can view that recording of the missed lecture. It like you are never going to miss any class.

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